At Nfinity we specialize in Homemade soy blend candles. We also handmake soaps and bath products that are soothing and moisturing for your skin.


About Nfinity

Nfinity Candles is wholly owned and operated by Sherry Henderson-Carley with sales and marketing assistence from her husband , Danny Carley.  Sherry is a RN of over 30 years.  She is also a Registered Massage Therapist.  Sherry first became interested in  making candles when her father was partners with a couple who made soy candles.  After that company closed Sherry did extensive research and testing in order to develop her own line of soy blend candles. She choose soy because it is all natural, coming from the soy bean, and gives a cleaner burn than other types of candles.  Soy is also an all American product grown here in the US by American Farmers.  Sherry also found through research and testing that many times person who have experienced headaches while burning other types of candles do not have this same reaction when burning soy candles.  After making soy candles for 4 -5 years Sherry then became involved in making soaps and other body products.

Our Soy Candles

After years of research and testing I have found the perfect blend of 75% soy and 25% vegetable oils that  give the candle a smooth appearance yet does not cause sooting (the black soot that you see around the edge of the glass which also dispurses into the air).  I test all fragrance oil to be sure that the candle gives not only a great cold throw (fragrance when not burning) but also a great hot throw (fragrance when burning).  I do not rely on my own testing but have other persons that burn and test my candle for throw.   If these testers state the fragrance is not good then I do not use that oil.  I want my customers to be very satisfied with their candle burn.

Soaps and Body Products

I use the very best high quality oils and butters that will pamper your skin yet leave it soft and moisturizied.  We custom scent these products according to your wishes.  If your fragrance is no t listed on this site please let us know and we will do our best to locate it for you or we may have it in our stock.




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